Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Call for selling

Have u been involved in this situation?

Your old buddy give u a call just to sell her MLM products.

Asking u about your life? NO!
Asking u about how are you? NO!

Then, how was your feeling?


It was happened to me!!!


{Suria Muhammad} said...

too bad kita dah guna bio aura for a yr dah. tlambat sungguh mek itu. hahah!

::zAsyikein:: said...

dah la old buddy...kot2 la tepon tanya khabar nie terus nk MLM...ayoooooo...sedesss!!! sabaq cek...

::zAsyikein:: said...
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mNa said...

cookie~ yes..sib baik da ada

kien~ aah sedih rasanya..x layan da pasni